HEATSTRIP® Wall Mounted Heater Controller and Remote Control

The TT-MTM Wall Mounted Controller and Remote Control provide ON/OFF control with 3 heat options and a timer setting.


  • On/Off function with LED indicators
  • 3 heat settings – High / Medium / Low
  • Automatic timer control – 1/2/4 hour options
  • Remote control included
  • Suitable for the operation of single or multiple heaters
  • Must be installed and hardwired by a licensed electrician
  • Wall mounted

The TT-MTM wall mounted controller is suitable for the Classic (THHA), Elegance (THE), Intense (THY& THYW) and the Max (THX) range. This controller allows for Heat modulation of High/Medium and low controls, timer and on/off functionality. This controller needs to be installed by a licenced electrician.

It is possible to use one controller to control multiple heaters. However the maximum current rating of 16A must not be exceeded. For example, 2 x THH1800A (Classic Heater) can be connected to the controller.

This controller needs to be installed by a licenced electrician.

Product Features

On/Off function
with LED indicators


3 heat settings:
High / Medium / Low


Automatic timer control:
1/2/4 hour options

Optional Controllers

Optional Controllers (not included): Ideal to complement all HEATSTRIP® electric heaters, to provide flexibility & ease of use and reduce operating costs.

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