Heatstrip® Universal Stand


All-black universal stand suitable for all spot heating
applications, protected alfresco area, balcony, patio
or verandah. Also suitable for indoor use such as
warehouses, assembly line, showrooms etc.


  • Indoor/outdoor universal stand
  • Part number: THSTAND
  • Stylish, high quality all-black construction, portable stand
  • Components are sub-assembled for easy DIY installation
  • 1 Year residential and commercial warranty.


The HEATSTRIP Universal Stand (THSTAND) has been designed for 2400 Watt or below heaters. We recommend Heaters 1800W, 2200W & 2400 Watt as they are easy to install as they are 10amp or below. Our heater power cords come as a standard 1m and will need an extension cord to connect to power. 

While we recommend smaller wattages as its easier to install our larger 3200 or 3600 Watt heaters* can be installed on the THSTAND. A licensed electrician must install your heaters as the larger models are 13.3-15 amps and must be hardwired. 

*If you choose to install a larger heater, due to the weight of the heater, you must secure the stand via the base brackets to the floor by screwing it down. (Base fixing screws are not provided) 

In most outdoor or difficult-to-heat indoor applications, there are 2 methods when looking at the size and quantity of heaters required. Option 1 is to comfort heat the entire area based on the total dimensions of the space, regardless of whether the entire area is being fully occupied or not. Option 2 is to spot heat the high use areas, such as over outdoor tables, BBQ’s, lounges, assembly lines or indoor work-stations. Often it is more practical and efficient to spot heat these areas. Spot heating will help to reduce the initial capital cost, as well as the on-going running costs. Spot heating will allow the area to be “zoned”, meaning heating only the areas that are being used, such as tables in a restaurant or outdoor alfresco area 



THSTAND - $199

Suitable Models


HeatstripTM Classic

Classic + Remote

HeatstripTM Classic with Remote


HeatstripTM Elegance

Elegance + Remote

HeatstripTM Elegance with Remote

Elegance + Remote & App

HeatstripTM Elegance + Remote & App


HeatstripTM  Intense

Intense White

HeatstripTM Intense White

remote heater

HeatstripTM Max DC with Remote


HeatstripTM Max

Small Heater

HeatstripTM Nano


THSTAND 2050 x 450 x 450 11.2

Materials of Construction: Powder Coated Mild Steel 

Need a little assistance?

Need assistance working out which heater is best for your space? Use our Heatstrip® Specifier to upload photos or plans of your area so we can offer you the best solution for you.


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