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HEATSTRIP® is a world leader in elegant indoor and outdoor heaters, including wall-mounted gas patio heaters, portable electric heaters and electric strip heaters.

HEATSTRIP® provides outdoor heating solutions for some of Australia’s best-known venues and beautiful residential homes across the country. Find out more about how our award-winning range of heaters can warm up your life.

Electric HEATERS

HEATSTRIP® electric heaters are perfect for a wide range of outdoor & indoor heating applications. Whether you are looking for a portable, DIY, wall/celling mounted, or hard-wired option, the HEATSTRIP® range has it all.


HEATSTRIP® gas heaters include the award-winning portable LPG unit, and the market-leading wall-mounted natural gas heater, ideal for residential and commercial applications.


HEATSTRIP® gas and electric heaters are proudly designed and engineered in Australia and supplied to world markets. HEATSTRIP® heaters are suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional markets, and are currently available via numerous channels, such large national retailers, independent outdoor living & heating specialists, electrical wholesalers and distributors, both in Australia and around the world.

From portable electric heaters to natural gas heaters, you can be sure that HEATSTRIP® has a product to suit any home or work environment, be it your alfresco area, balcony, patio or pub, club and restaurants.

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crossray® bbq

BBiQ – a history of technological innovation and development over 10 years.
The design challenge was to create something “NEW” in the BBQ market: Redefining a gas BBQ to perform like cooking over a bed of red hot coals; providing even heat without flare-ups and to be a true multi-functional outdoor cooking appliance, that produces tastier and juicer food, and so easy. CROSSRAY® is the only BBQ that can provide controllable, even heat from 110°C to nearly 400°C, while using 50% less gas than a conventional BBQ.


Increase your BBIQ


the smarter way to cook

Patented, proven infrared technology+
Patented, proven
infrared technology +
  • laterally mounted infrared burners
  • superior performance compared to traditional open flame BBQs
  • infrared heat eliminates hot and cold spots
  • heat penetrates the food reducing cooking time, keeping food juicy and full of flavour
  • your food is ready sooner and you use less gas – now that’s smart!
Heats up
quick smart+
Heats up quick smart+
  • ready to cook in no time
  • complete temperature control from 110°C to 380°C
  • cooks everything – a true outdoor oven & BBQ
  • perfect for pizzas, roasting and even Low n’ Slow
even heat+
Heats up quick smart+
  • no hot and cold spots means better BBQing control
  • virtually eliminates flare ups, as there is no open flame
  • less smoke and the closest thing to a self-cleaning BBQ you can get
  • BBQing has never been easier, lid up or lid down
The convenience
and control of gas
The convenience and control of gas
  • infrared technology delivers a wonderfully intense heat, just like red hot coals
  • No need to spend hours in preparation… get the quality of charcoal at the touch of a button
  • cook an entire meal like a professional
  • BBQ, outdoor oven, smoker, pizza oven, Low n’ Slow – it’s the only appliance you’ll ever need

the smarter way TO
BBQ is a better way to BBQ


HEATSTRIP® is an award-winning, world-class range of Electric & Gas Heaters