The HEATSTRIP controller range consists of two (2) models designed to complement your heater in an indoor or outdoor application. The majority of the HEATSTRIP heater range is supplied with a standard 10amp lead and plug, which you can simply “plug and go” in a normal domestic 10amp power point/GPO, without the need for an electrician. In this situation, you would turn the heater on & off via the power point and the heater would automatically operate at maximum temperature. In this situation, you do not have individual temperature control of the heater, as it will operate only at 100% capacity.

All HEATSTRIP heaters can be hard-wired if required. For multiple heater installations (or for heaters above 10 amp) we would recommend hard wiring and the use of a controller. All hard wired heaters must be installed via a licenced electrician and all cabling selected according to the total amperage of the system.

We would recomment the use of a controller to:

  • Provide improved flexibility for your heating system
  • Maximise heating levels for your comfort
  • Ensure optimum performance
  • Reduce operating costs

Typical Applications – which controller?

  • Outdoor heating (eg. alfresco area): TT-MTM & TT-MTR-PLUG
  • Indoor heating for tough, open areas (eg. assembly line, warehouse etc): TT-MTM 
  • Indoor heating in a well insulated, enclosed area (office, classroom etc): TT-MTR-PLUG
  • If you need timer based control only for any indoor or outdoor application, use the TT-MTM & TT-MTR-PLUG

Optional Controllers (not included): Ideal to complement all HEATSTRIP® electric heaters, to provide flexibility & ease of use and reduce operating costs. 


(Hard-wired Installation)
(DIY Installation)

  • On/Off function with LED indicators     
  • 3 Heat settings 
  • Automatic timer control 
  • Remote control included              
  • Suitable for operation of single or multiple heaters     
  • Max. 16 amps (for additional heaters, use a relay/contactor)



• Plug-in DIY timer switch
• On/Off function with LED indicators
• Automatic timer
• Remote control included
• Max. 10 amps