Introducing the Latest HEATSTRIP® Heaters with Smart Connectivity!

Introducing the Latest HEATSTRIP® Heaters with Smart Connectivity!

We are excited to announce the release of three new HEATSTRIP® heaters that feature smart connectivity for convenient control.

At HEATSTRIP®, we believe that design and technology go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve created sleek, slim, and modern heaters that not only offer the latest in smart connected technology but also look great too!  These heaters are designed to provide the ultimate heating experience for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The HEATSTRIP® CLASSIC is an all-black electric heating solution that is perfect for your undercover, protected alfresco area, balcony, patio or verandah, and can also be used indoors. It provides comfortable warmth for any space.  

The HEATSTRIP® ENHANCE is a sleek, slimline heater with a smooth German Schott glass front that provides instant performance. It is perfect for any space where instant warmth is required.

The HEATSTRIP® INTENSE is a modern and attractive all-black electric heating system that provides high output and instant heat. It is suitable for both undercover and semi-exposed outdoor areas or indoor use. It provides maximum warmth and comfort.

These heaters come with a remote, app plus smart home connectivity and are compatible with Google and Amazon smart home platforms, making it easy to adjust the heat settings from your smartphone. This is the ultimate in convenience and ensures that your space is always at the perfect temperature.

Whether you need an all-black electric heating solution for your outdoor space, a stylish and efficient indoor heater, or a high-output and instant heating solution, the HEATSTRIP® range has got you covered.

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