5 Tips to make your outdoor area the place to be

5 Tips to make your outdoor area the place to be

We often consider our backyard as an extended part of our home. However, does looking over a lacklustre landscape make it an area that you just want to ignore? Every home is different, some have large outdoor areas, some have a balcony, your outdoor space can be a place of happiness and tranquillity. So, without further ado, here are 5 tips to make your outdoor area the place to be.

1. Warm up your space

If you have a large outdoor space and you love entertaining guests, and you don’t want your space to go to waste during the colder months, investing in some heating for your entertainment area can be a great idea. A natural gas wall heater or an electric unit from HEATSTRIP® can be a cosy addition to your outdoor space. Outdoor heating is a brilliant way to keep warm and bring entertaining outside.

2. Plants

Another way to add colour and vibrancy back into your yard is to introduce plants that are native to your region. Those such as Kangaroo Paw, Lilly Pilly and Banksia are native and adjust to Australian conditions. For the most visual impact potted plants truly add another dimension to your outdoor space. Textured pots of various shapes fixed at different heights really draw your eyes to an open, inviting and luscious space.

3. Seating

If you have a veranda or a small alfresco area, the right seating can create a perfect space for your needs. Whether it’s using couches to entertain friends or a simple cushioned area for you to do a little bit of meditation. Seating can really bring your space together, it also gives your guests a stop point, and a place to really take in the scenery.

4. Decking

Decking can be a great way to extend your living space into the outdoors. Finding the right type of decking to suit your lifestyle can be the hardest part. Think about how the deck will be used, whether it be an extension of your indoor living space or if it’s a place for some outdoor cooking, planning is key for a deck. Covered decks are a perfect idea if you are at risk of a large amount of sun or rain and they allow for year-round use. Also consider the maintenance requirement between natural and artificial materials.

5. Use some water

Water is a common feature in most gardens, and it doesn’t just have to be for decoration. Ponds can serve a multipurpose function, not only as a statement piece. Water also emits calm soothing sounds, making a stressful day melt away. Simple wall fountains, huge cascading waterfalls, and other pond less water features are great choices if you don’t want to deal with much maintenance. Add in a pool for those hotter months, and add some extra luxury to your space.

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