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What is an indoor area?

this is an area where we would generally refer to as indoor, where there is permanent ceiling and walls in place; is not exposed the external conditions (such as wind, rain etc), and has some form of insulation in either the ceiling or walls. Examples include a domestic living room, bathroom, garage, school classroom, warehouse, hall, sporting facility etc.

Suitable ranges

Range Image Minimum mounting height (including flush mount) Ideal Mounting Height (including flush mount) Maximum Mounting Height (including flush mount) Comments
Indoor (THS-A) 2.1m 2.2m-2.5m 2.7m Maximum height for model THS800A is 2.5m
Classic (THH-A models) 2.1m 2.2m-2.5m 2.7m The mounting height of the electric heater can have a significant impact on performance. For mounting heights higher than the ideal range, we recommend the use of wires/chains or optional extension poles to reduce the height and ensure the heater is within the ideal range. Heater performance may be effected if outside this range
Elegance (THE; THE-R) 2.1m 2.2m-2.5m 2.7m
Intense (THY) 2.1m 2.2m-2.6m 3.0m
Max (THX) 2.1m 2.4m-2.8m 3.2m
Intense portable (THY2200P) N/A N/A N/A

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